Bronze Life Package
(3x therapies) – $225 to $330

Silver Life Package
(5x therapies) – $350 to $500

Gold Life Package
(10x therapies) – $600 to $950

Natural Therapies In Houston Tx | Holistic Natural Healing In Houston Tx

Holistic natural healing in Houston Tx therapy is a form of natural therapies in Houston Tx that considers the whole person i.e. body, mind, spirit and emotions to find optimal health and wellness for a person. Holistic medicines in Houston Tx practitioners believe that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part does not work properly then it will affect working of other parts too. In this way, if people have any kind of imbalances or instability like physical, emotional or spiritual in their lives, then it can badly affect their overall health. We understand the Holistic medicines in Houston Tx principles, that unconditional love and support is the most important factor to heal a person, that a person is ultimately responsible for his or her own health and well being, that people have natural healing power, that a patient is a person, not a disease.

As Holistic natural healing in Houston Tx practitioner, we at Boost in Life Health and Wellness Centre use all forms of health care, from conventional medication to alternative healing therapies in Houston Tx to treat a person and try to find out the root cause of disease. Such as if a person has back pain then our holistic therapy practitioner try to find out all potential factors that may cause back pain like diet and sleep habits, stress, emotional and personal problems and preferred spiritual practices and then come up with the treatment plan that may involve drugs to relieve symptoms as well as lifestyle modifications to prevent the recurrence of back pain.


Natural Healing In Houston Tx | Alternative Healing Therapies In Houston Tx


We create personalized and powerful natural healing in Houston Tx programs according to the health issues of a person. Our healing therapy in Houston Tx involves both the doctor and the patient, that addresses all aspects of a patient’s life using a variety of health care practices like Stress Management therapy, Saama therapy, Reiki healing therapy, Biomagnetic Pairs therapy, Biomagetic Neuropsychology, Holistic Iridology, Seven Layers of the Heart therapy etc. Our treatment involves fixing the root cause of the condition and not just treatment of symptoms. These alternative healing therapies in Houston Tx may include educating patients on self care and life style changes to promote wellness like diet, exercise relationship counselling as well as other complementary and alternative therapies.

  • Biomagnetic Neuropsychology/Códica

    $100 – $150

  • Stress Management Therapy


  • Biomagnetic Pairs Therapy


  • Holistic Iridology

    $80 (with report)

  • Reiki, Tameana Conexao Pleiadiana


  • Seven Layers of the Heart Therapy/ Mora Technique


  • SAAMA Therapy


  • Bioresonance Therapy